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SeaMonkey Bugfix Coffee-Mug-Competition


2016-07-06 07:15 UTC (update involved developers)
I decided to start a new competition, and the award again is a SeaMonkey-Coffee-Mug — this is not an official SeaMonkea/Mozilla-campaign.

Who will be the first new developer who contributes 10 bug-fixes which have become pushed to the code?

The Bugfix Coffee Mug Competition:

BugHuntingSession1_KThe goal will be to get fixed many SeaMonkey-Bugs with the help of new developer volunteers. So well known key players like developers with more than 4 pushed fixes (for all SeaMonkey) who started contributing before July 2015, supporters from  SeaMonkey:Supporters, Council-members, other users listed at dev/project-areas, /Modules/All#SeaMonkey (all: state 2016-05-31 18:00 UTC)  or users with more than 50 “touched” Bugs on Mozilla.Bugzilla since 2015-01-01 will not be eligible. I will donate the missing amount for the coffee mug, and so I will decide who the award winner will be. The competition will run until the first new developer volunteer succeeded in getting 10 bug-fixes to the code, but not longer than until 2016-08-31 24:00 UTC. My decision will be final. Only patches attached after 2016-05-31 will be counted.

The winner will receive a coffee mug from the SeaMonkey shop — besides a shoutout on all communication channels like all other participants 🙂 

And because this is only fun, not a quality competition (it would be easy to do the same small hyperlink fix for 10 localizations), a second coffee-mug will be offered  for the same group of participants as a reward for a really ambitious bugfix pushed to the SeaMonkey code. The decision what bug fix deserves the reward will be done during a Status Meeting.

Good luck! I will add a list of all participants (who will get an additional invitation by email) below. If you want to suggest yourself or someone else please use a comment here.

List of coffee-mug competition participants:

Vivek Jain
Suraj Ghimire [:ghishadow]  is working on Help Cleanup
Isaac Schemm,
Batchu Venkat Vishal no activity since December 2015, does not answer
Akshay Jain
Tom Zhang has no time at the moment, so he has to decline for now did not answer to invitation by email


More coming soon

Clker-GrafkThe SeaMonkey-Project is living thanks to contributions of the Community, manpower and donations. Any amount is appreciated (suggestion: 5 €/year or Flattr). Possibilities for donation: to the SeaMonkey e. V. or via my private campaign. Backgrounds concerning the reasons why I currently do not recommend to donate for the SeaMonkey e. V. you find  here in the unofficial German SeaMonkey News Blog, the posting in the official SeaMonkey Blog has been deleted. With a click on the pile of money picture at the right you will reach my private donation campaign (not under responsibility of the SeaMonkey-Project or of mozilla). So, if you want to help to improve SeaMonkey, please donate.  Plans how to use donated money will be published and discussed here in the Blog when the amount of donations will have exceeded 50,– €

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