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QA: New Whiteboard-Tag “[easyconfirm]”

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Zur Mozilla-Bugzilla HomepageThis blog post in German languageSome time ago I introduced the Bugzilla-Whiteboard-Tag “[easyconfirm]” for the SeaMonkey-Project. This tag is for UNCONFIRMED  SeaMonkey-Bugs  which can be reproduced and confirmed easily even by beginners.So these bugs are suitable for first steps in our Bug-Tracking-System.

It would be great if SeaMonkey-users, which have not been working actively in the project until now, would use the opportunity to become familiar with SeaMonkey QA. A very good collection of big-triage – how-tos you can find here. Also the Bug Writing Guidelines contain useful hints. It is not necessary that you learn all that stuff by heart before you start, simply scan through and then start with “learning by doing”.

I hope to meet you soon in Bugzilla, click the [easyconfirm]-link above and try to reproduce and confirm your first bug.

Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

One thought on “QA: New Whiteboard-Tag “[easyconfirm]”

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