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Sidebar-Panel: 3D Gamers – Latest game related file releases ♰

This blog post in German languageOn Ed Mullenʼs Home Page you find (besides much other interesting stuff) a list of   Sidebar-Panels which are suitable for SeaMonkey. I will write some reports on experience within the next weeks, alternating between German and English Unofficial SeaMonky Blog

First one:

3D Gamers – Latest game related file releases

That can be done quickly. The panel installs without problems, but instead of useful contents it only shows an error message. The panel should show contents of But it seems does no longer exist, if you open it in Browser you will become forwarded to

Contents from the web is no longer available, the Sidebar Panel has become useless.

Hi all, please feel invited to publish your own reports (not only for sidebar panels from Ed Mullen’s page) here in the blog!


New add-on: “Sidebar Add Custom Tab”

Blogpost Version 2017-02-04 15:41 UTC
This blog post in German languageAnother great tool has been added to AMO Isaac Schemm: “Sidebar Add Custom Tab“. This add-on allows to add new Sidebar Panels for showing Web Pages contents easily with few clicks.

What for?

In few moments the kitchen clock will remind me to close the toilet window.

In few moments the kitchen clock will remind me to close the toilet window.

Most web pages are not very likely for being shown in the sidebar – available width of the sidebar is too small. But some others can be really useful there. Examples:

  • You need a dictionary German Romanian for writing Email? It would be great to have a dictionary-webpage for these languages in the sidebar while you are composing an email.
  • You would like to see whether there is something new in Heise News? It would be great to have …
  • and so on

If you want to show a Web page in the sidebar until now we were reliant to Sidebar Panel repositories with “Add Panel to Sidebar”- scripts, or we had to do some sophisicated proceeding to add a sidebar panel.

Using the new add-on that can be done with few mouse clicks.


(only few trivial ones)

  • WINDOWS Focus-Loss in the moment when a new Panel becomes added.
  • Some pages (for example my WORDPRESS Reader) do not work, but that probably is a general (Sidebar-) Problem and has nothing to do with the add-on.


Did we ever have Sidebar-TABs?  I prefer to call them Panels.

Web Pages suitable for Sidebar TABs

SeaMonkey project blog
This unofficial SeaMonkey Blog
German unofficial SeaMonkey Blog
Youtube: not optimum, but if you want to see/listen some music while you are working, it’s fine.
An egg timer like, wich announces end of countdown with a ring tone  (may be there are better ones needing less width?)
Probably several others …

If you know additional suitable web pages or if you know additional information concerning useful sidebar contents, please leave a comment!

Websites not suitable …

Google-Calendar, Facebook,

Other useful sidebar contents:

Additional Sidebar information: I only know Ed Mullens page. Long ago there was a lot of (Netscape-) Sidebars information on DMOZ, nearby all has vanished.

If you know other useful web pages concerning SeaMonkey sidebar please leave a comment.

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AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey: Versions update

This blog post in German languagecompat1After a minimum test (installs on Server-Installation of unofficial (by FRG) en-US SeaMonkey 2.50a1 (NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0 Build 20161127221846 (Default Classic Theme) on German WIN7 64bit, converts CoLT (compatible after conversion due to compatibility list), CoLT passed some tests without problems) I extended compatible SeaMonkey version range for AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey 0.9.15 to SeaMonkey 2.22 … 2.50.*.

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Aurora- und Trunk- Nightlies available via SeaMonkey-Homepage

This blog post in German languageBug 1275037 Outdated hyperlinks: SeaMonkey website offering different versions than the repositories (nightly should be 2.49a1, aurora 2.48a2) or Error “404 Not Found” has become fixed, and so in future builds can be downloaded via SeaMonkey Home Page again (I tested all file-links).

Click for more information!BTW, I do not use the home page because you never know whether a new file does exist for download or whether the same file like yesterday will be downloaded. I survey download pages by the ChangeDetection Service – it’s free.

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Drag and Drop Bookmark from Location bar to Bookmarks Toolbar or sidebar Bookmark Panel fails?

If your (Nightly) SeaMonkey (2.45a1 or later) is affected by Bug 1287255 – Drag and Drop Bookmark from Location bar to Bookmarks Toolbar or Sidebar Bookmark Panel fails, this workaround at SeaMonkeyMozilla-Wiki will help you.

For other problems caused by Bug 1272401 – Port Firefox Bug 1241085 Parts 2 and 3, and maybe 4 This should fix SeaMonkey Bug 1270848 – Back and Forward buttons unavailable you will have to wait for the bugfix.

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How Cool are Custom Keywords?

By Asa Dotzler, edited by Daniel Wang

Taken from with some smaller edits by Rainer Bielefeld as an example how Help contents from / can become revived.

Mozilla Custom Keywords ROCK! Not just for making shorthand for bookmarks but also for searches and queries. Simple keywords allow you to type a short string in the Location Bar and load its corresponding Bookmark URL. Continue reading