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Latest Developer builds

This blog post in German languageCorrected contents from unmaintained pages from (2016-06-27)

Be careful! These builds are for testing purposes only. Keep backups of your data if you do so, as some of the code you’re testing might not have been tested at all before and might cause unexpected problems. If you encounter any such problems, please report bugs for them.

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What are the conditions to get official X64 (WIN64) SeaMonkey Builds?

This blog post in German languageOf course I know that currently we would be happy to have 32 bit trunk builds for Windows reliably. And it’ still unclear how much benefits users have concerning acceleration with these builds. Nevertheless, it would be great to get a fix for the very old Bug 482143 – Provide 64-bit Windows distribution; 64 bit operating systems are state of the art. Continue reading

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How Cool are Custom Keywords?

By Asa Dotzler, edited by Daniel Wang

Taken from with some smaller edits by Rainer Bielefeld as an example how Help contents from / can become revived.

Mozilla Custom Keywords ROCK! Not just for making shorthand for bookmarks but also for searches and queries. Simple keywords allow you to type a short string in the Location Bar and load its corresponding Bookmark URL. Continue reading