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What are the conditions to get official X64 (WIN64) SeaMonkey Builds?


This blog post in German languageOf course I know that currently we would be happy to have 32 bit trunk builds for Windows reliably. And it’ still unclear how much benefits users have concerning acceleration with these builds. Nevertheless, it would be great to get a fix for the very old Bug 482143 – Provide 64-bit Windows distribution; 64 bit operating systems are state of the art.


  • some users told that 64-bit builds war much faster in some situations. But afair most of those reports were rather vague and not reproducible for me. So it’s not clear how many users will really see advantage using X64-builds
  • Unofficial X64-Test Builds seem not to have much more bugs than  32bit builds


So we should collect some additional reasons why we should contribute official 6 bit SeaMonkey builds — let’s see how many it will be. and may be we will find some volunteers for intensive systematic tests (“smoketests”) for X64 builds?

I will ask for more information at the next SeaMonkey Status Meeting


Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

2 thoughts on “What are the conditions to get official X64 (WIN64) SeaMonkey Builds?

  1. Rainer, there are imho no problems with Windows 64 bit builds. I use them for a year now since 2.38. When the infrastructure is fixed one way or another we should just do it. Till then it’s unfortunatly a moot point.

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