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New unofficial localized nightly SeaMonkey builds (Release, Beta, Aurora, Trunk) available for download

This blog post in German languageDownloadAdrian Kalla again contributed lots of unofficial English and localized installers and language packs in various languages. Also  64Bit Windows-Builds are available. Folders show an old date in August 2016, the builds in all folders show dates 2016-09-04 … 2016-09-06. I checked the Build-ID of 64Bit Trunk-Build for Windows: 20160905222145.

A 2.45 Release is planned, so test results with this version are appreciated.

Only for testing, you will use those builds on your own risk. I recommend to create a backup of your user profile before you start testing those builds.


Clker-GrafkThe SeaMonkey-Project is living thanks to contributions of the Community, manpower and donations. Any amount is appreciated (suggestion: 5 €/year or Flattr). Possibilities for donation: to the SeaMonkey e. V. or via my private campaign. Backgrounds concerning the reasons why I currently do not recommend to donate for the SeaMonkey e. V. you find  here in the unofficial German SeaMonkey News Blog, the posting in the official SeaMonkey Blog has been deleted. With a click on the pile of money picture at the right you will reach my private donation campaign (not under responsibility of the SeaMonkey-Project or of mozilla). So, if you want to help to improve SeaMonkey, please donate.  Plans how to use donated money will be published and discussed here in the Blog when the amount of donations will have exceeded 50,– €

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Drag and Drop Bookmark from Location bar to Bookmarks Toolbar or sidebar Bookmark Panel fails?

If your (Nightly) SeaMonkey (2.45a1 or later) is affected by Bug 1287255 – Drag and Drop Bookmark from Location bar to Bookmarks Toolbar or Sidebar Bookmark Panel fails, this workaround at SeaMonkeyMozilla-Wiki will help you.

For other problems caused by Bug 1272401 – Port Firefox Bug 1241085 Parts 2 and 3, and maybe 4 This should fix SeaMonkey Bug 1270848 – Back and Forward buttons unavailable you will have to wait for the bugfix.