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Sidebar-Panel: 3D Gamers – Latest game related file releases ♰

This blog post in German languageOn Ed Mullenʼs Home Page you find (besides much other interesting stuff) a list of   Sidebar-Panels which are suitable for SeaMonkey. I will write some reports on experience within the next weeks, alternating between German and English Unofficial SeaMonky Blog

First one:

3D Gamers – Latest game related file releases

That can be done quickly. The panel installs without problems, but instead of useful contents it only shows an error message. The panel should show contents of But it seems does no longer exist, if you open it in Browser you will become forwarded to

Contents from the web is no longer available, the Sidebar Panel has become useless.

Hi all, please feel invited to publish your own reports (not only for sidebar panels from Ed Mullen’s page) here in the blog!


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Sync alternative: Xmarks

Complemented 2016-03-29 – 10:31

I found that alternative in Wikipedia.

setupwizardMy Tests

If you want to try / use Xmarks Sync you have to  download and install the Xmarks for Firefox add-on. Installation worked without problems for my En-US SeaMonkey 2.40 final Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:43.0)from official download page, Gecko/20100101 Firefox/ 43.0 Build 20160120202951, (Default Classic Theme) on German WIN7 64bit (although SeaMonkey is not listed as compatible Application), you can work with it after relaunch of SeaMonkey. Continue reading