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QA-Statistics for old SeaMonkey-bugs

Zur Mozilla-Bugzilla HomepageThis blog post in German languageIn the latest Status Meeting Frank-Rainer Grahl thought about old (UNCONFIRMED?) SeaMonkey bugs in Bugzilla and whether we should do a mass change to Resolution “Expired”. I also would like to get rid of those unclear legacy Bugs, but my concern is that we also might close many reports with real bugs if we do that mass close without individual investigation of every report. Because of this in 2015 I started a systematic review of UNCONFIRMED bugs from a list with 476 of them.

Here a small statistics considering a sample of 156 bugs from that list with changed Status / Resolution:

Status / Resolution Number of bug reports Percent of total
NEW 20 12,82%
DUPLICATE 12 7,69%
FIXED 1 0,64%
INCOMPLETE 69 44,23%
INVALID 10 6,41%
WORKSFORME 38 24,36%
WONTFIX 6 3,85%
Total 156 100,00%

So my estimation “25% real bugs” was not very precise.

Volunteers helping with this review appreciated!

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Sync alternative: Xmarks

Complemented 2016-03-29 – 10:31

I found that alternative in Wikipedia.

setupwizardMy Tests

If you want to try / use Xmarks Sync you have to  download and install the Xmarks for Firefox add-on. Installation worked without problems for my En-US SeaMonkey 2.40 final Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:43.0)from official download page, Gecko/20100101 Firefox/ 43.0 Build 20160120202951, (Default Classic Theme) on German WIN7 64bit (although SeaMonkey is not listed as compatible Application), you can work with it after relaunch of SeaMonkey. Continue reading


Sync …

This blog post in German language…, the annoying problem… .
Do we have somebody who has already tried Philip Chee’s suggestion to use the Pale Moon Sync service? If yes, a short  report on experience with hints concerning legal issues, technical aspects and similar would be great.

And  the report as a blog post here would be  very great. If you are interested please simply send an email to me so that I can grant permissions as an author for you.


AMO-Browsing-Add-On eases conversion and installation of FF and TB Add-Ons

This blog post in German languageSince 2014 we have had the Firefox & Thunderbird Addon-Converter for SeaMonkey. This great tool (already mentioned in the official project blog) converts add-ons written for Thunderbird and Firefox, so that they can be used with SeaMonkey, either.

converts if necessaryNow we have an additional tool of the same author  (Lemon Juice) available for public download from Continue reading

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Why this?

As you might know, until last week I frequently posted at the official SeaMonkey Project Blog.

But it seems that my thoughts do not match with the “official view”, and  my account has been blocked.

So I decided to create this new, unofficial Blog, where I will post my thoughts concerning themes related to the SeaMonkey Internet Suite.

Main intention of this blog here: to warm more users to the SeaMonkey Internet Suite itself and to supporting the SeaMonkey Project.

Most postings here will be similar to postings on my unofficial German Blog.