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This blog post in German language…, the annoying problem… .
Do we have somebody who has already tried Philip Chee’s suggestion to use the Pale Moon Sync service? If yes, a short  report on experience with hints concerning legal issues, technical aspects and similar would be great.

And  the report as a blog post here would be  very great. If you are interested please simply send an email to me so that I can grant permissions as an author for you.

Author: rrbd

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6 thoughts on “Sync …

  1. There’s an error on SeaMonkey 2.40 and 2.42 when trying to set up a sync account with a custom server:
    “uncaught exception: basicPassword setter should not be used in BrowserIDManager”

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    • May be I observed something similar (I never used Sync before): few moments after I inserted my e-mail address by copy/paste from e-mail client below the input line in “Create new account” Sync dialog an error message appeared: “Unknown error”. I tried with with en-US SeaMonkey 2.40 final Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:43.0)from official download page, Gecko/20100101 Firefox/ 43.0 Build 20160120202951, (Classic Theme) on German WIN7 64bit.

      Can you search Bugzilla and report a Bug if you do not find a report concerning this problem?


  2. Or is there experience with other alternatives? Wikipedia compares some, Xmarks Sync can be installed for SeaMonkey 2.40, but I have not yet tested real synchronization. TmoWizard told somewhere that he uses SyncPlaces.


  3. I got the same problem. Though very weird. I set up my sync today 2.39 than I upgraded to 2.46 but darn I noticed I synced the wrong account so I removed the sync and tried to add the right one. This failed. so darn again. back to 2.39 and tried to add that account but nothing (it should say “verifyfiing….” when pressing next but it does not) I than tried the wrong account I added at first to be sure it had nothing to do with my credentials/keys and also nothing. Than I saw the error in the error console :
    Error: uncaught exception: basicPassword setter should be not used in BrowserIDManager.
    I had this problem before and reverted back to really old versions of seamonkey. I “feels” like it has to do with the order I enter the sync data. but darn back to 2.20 to try and set my sync up. btw I use my own sync server. I do not want to sync to 3rd party servers and depend on them to keep working or protect my data.

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  4. Okay Here is what I did to fix it in 2.39. Not tested in 2.46 but I think it should work. It’s all about a stupid check that should not be done there.
    I think when you enter the password en loose focus of the password field by pressing enter or tab or clicking any other TEXT field it does a check and generates the error. (basicPassword setter should be not used in BrowserIDManager.).

    Here is how I did it after many many tried with older versions and newer. (the older works (<2.30) but after upgrading to a newer they lost the settings and I had to "setup sync" again and failed many times)

    What I did:
    I installed 2.39
    Openend error console via tools/web development/error console. pressed clear to get rid of the current errors. (this is not required but helped me to (not) see the hated error message.

    Next I went to tools/setup sync

    Okay now you have to forgive because I do not remember exactly but you press I at the bottom something like "I do not have the device with me" until you get to the screen where you can enter your account etc. If you have tried many times like you you should know how to get there.

    Do it in this order (just to be sure) and do not click on any other fields first.

    This is what I did:

    Enter your key at the bottom
    Enter your user name/email at the top
    Now click in the password field and copy / paste your password and make SURE you do NOT copy a new line or enter or press TAB or ENTER or do anything else (This is the important part!)
    Now click in the pulldown menu and select "custom server"
    I pasted my customer server without a new line or enter
    Now the next botton became available without the error messaage in the console and pressing next actually worked.
    You should see the "verifying .. " message.

    If it fails (because you do not see the verifying message) check the error console. If you see the error message about the "BrowserIDManager" quit the whole browser (maybe reboot) and try again and make sure you follow the order I used. It should work.

    Maybe the order does not matter that much except that I am sure that when the password field looses focus it tries some sort of check that is not allowed anymore and the only time it does not check is when you unfocus it by clicking the pulldown menu. So a tab , enter of copy/paste with a new line will trigger this check and cause a fail.

    Anyway I can sync again and after 3 years finally know how to set it up so it works every time. Maybe the world should know.

    I hope this helps you out since I could not find anything on the internet that solved this.


    Hans de Groot


    SeaMonkey people (you do great work btw) . If you read this could you have a look at this little check at the password field and remove it for next version? Make it a plain text field should work I guess.

    My own sync server works perfectly for years and it seems such a silly bug that the password field check in an internal setup page fails because of this.

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  5. Just one last remark.

    I just upgraded to 2.46 and the sync setup was still there and working.

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