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SeaMonkey News: Download problems with NoScript active

This blog post in German languageIf you are using NoScript you might encounter a certificate error when trying to download SeaMonkey from The SeaMonkey Project site. NoScript tries to force a https connection for a http only site. It is not a NoScript problem but how the Mozilla server, from which downloads are delivered, is configured.In this case please add to the NoScript “Never force secure (HTTPS) connections” options or turn off NoScript for this download only. The settings are located in the NoScript options under “Advanced → HTTPS”

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9 of 10 most popular Firefox add-ons are vulnerable to attacks

This blog post in German languageIn mozilla.general (Vulnerability discovered in Firefox extensions) user WaltS48 posted a link to this article at, what summarizes results of research by some people at the Northeastern University. Continue reading