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New Sponsor PIA

This blog post in German languageSince 1 week or so we have some advertising by PIA on the project home page. On someone named Al Berk (I never saw that name before) did a scream “Open Source spirit in danger” — I disagree with his concerns. Continue reading



AMO-Browsing-Add-On eases conversion and installation of FF and TB Add-Ons

This blog post in German languageSince 2014 we have had the Firefox & Thunderbird Addon-Converter for SeaMonkey. This great tool (already mentioned in the official project blog) converts add-ons written for Thunderbird and Firefox, so that they can be used with SeaMonkey, either.

converts if necessaryNow we have an additional tool of the same author  (Lemon Juice) available for public download from Continue reading