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New Sponsor PIA

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This blog post in German languageSince 1 week or so we have some advertising by PIA on the project home page. On someone named Al Berk (I never saw that name before) did a scream “Open Source spirit in danger” — I disagree with his concerns. The SeaMonkey project can’t survive with 20 active “work-horses”- and 100,000 penny-pinching spectators, every now and then the project needs some money. If Al Berk does not want sponsors, he (and others)  will have to do sufficient donations.

In the above mentioned thread Philip Chee assured that they (council members?) “… checked PIA’s antecedents carefully before putting their sticky thumbprint on the agreement.”. I think that’s ok. But, of course, a note in the Project Blog would have been fine – it’s not too late.

Clker-GrafkThe SeaMonkey-Project is living thanks to contributions of the Community, manpower and donations. Any amount is appreciated (suggestion: 5 €/year or Flattr). Possibilities for donation: to the SeaMonkey e. V. or via my private campaign. Backgrounds concerning the reasons why I currently do not recommend to donate for the SeaMonkey e. V. you find  here in the unofficial German SeaMonkey News Blog, the posting in the official SeaMonkey Blog has been deleted. With a click on the pile of money picture at the right you will reach my private donation campaign (not under responsibility of the SeaMonkey-Project or of mozilla). So, if you want to help to improve SeaMonkey, please donate. Plans how to use donated money will be published and discussed here in the Blog when the amount of donations will have exceeded 50,– €.

BTW, since this interim report we gained additional 1.36 € — mostly Test-Flattrs by me :-/


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  1. If you are interested in keeping track of you can do that here on distributed revision-control tool Mercurial; simply subscribe a feed!


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