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This blog post in German languageState of work: 2016-07-06 07:00 (involved …)

I have started to submit Bugzilla bug reports for every problem I observe in SeaMonkey Help. The plan is to collect bug reports for a while — 15th of May or so. When we have a first overview what kinds of problems will need a fix and how the fixes can be done we/I will try to find volunteers to do the patches (preferably interested developer-volunteers, for example from Openhatch). My own skills to do such fixes are very limited.

Additionally we will have to try to get those changes into the localizations.

Any help is appreciated. For example, for some problems it’s currently unclear how a fix can be done. Please add you comments in the bug reports or — in a pinch — here in the blog.

Meta-bug for this work: Bug 1268037 (meta) Help cleanup 2016


Suraj Ghimire [:ghishadow]Isaac Schemm, :stefanh, and others (and you?)







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Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

5 thoughts on “Help cleanup

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  2. Great news, Suraj Ghimire has started to contribute to the Help Cleanup.


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  4. Localizations for Help

    Due to a hint in Bug 1277363 and Ratty’s advice I subscribed to ad left a hint concerning related Bug Reports for SeaMonkey Help Cleanup 2016.


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