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This blog post in German languageInvited by an email from Philip Chee (SeaMonkey) and Laura Brown (DMOZ) I did some research here, results you find below in a copy from that DMOZ page.

(All requested modifications already done, thanks to thatgrrl )

Copy from DMOZ page:

  • The SeaMonkey Project – Official project website with information and downloads. Latest update: March 2016.
    [!]  EDIT!
  • Blogzilla – A weblog covering news, tips and hacks.
    [!] Last post from 2005, completely outdated, not interesting — DROP!
  • edafe Mozilla – Help and information about how to perform common functions in Mozilla.
    [!] Last SeaMonkey related posting from 2008, completely outdated, not interesting for today’s users — DROP!
  • – Mozilla – Provides some links to articles about Mozilla and information about building and testing Mozilla.
    [!] No SeaMonkey related contents,  only some outdated Mozilla and Firefox Stuff, not interesting for today’s users — DROP!
  • Gunnar’s Mozilla Help Site – Offers help for and information on Mozilla with a FAQ section as well as image-heavy How-To’s about installing and configuring Mozilla browsers.
    [!] Mostly 10 years old stuff, completely outdated, partially wrong, not interesting for today’s users — DROP!
  • Hidden Mozilla Prefs – Description of some hidden prefs to customize Mozilla, also has information on customizations to the UI and content display.
    [!] ?????????????????????????????????
  • Keyboard Help for Mozilla – List of keyboard shortcuts.
    [!]More than  10 years old stuff, no benefit compared to SeaMonkey integrated Help, not interesting for today’s users — DROP!
  • MozBackup – A freeware Windows utility for backing up Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey Suite user data.
    [!] EDIT!
  • – Center for development projects based on the open source Mozilla project.
    [!] ok
  • Mozilla Icon Packs – A collection of icons packs for Firefox and Mozilla browsers.
    [!] This is a of, what should be mentioned and visible. Contents looks outdated. I am in contact with page owner – <> rejected contact. DROP!
  • Mozilla Preferences list – A list of Mozilla User Preferences.
    [!]  ?????????????????????????????????
  • Bugzilla – The Mozilla bug database. Search for reported bugs, and report new ones for the Mozilla browser suite and its associated components.
    [!]  ok
  • MozTips – Tips and Tricks for Mozilla.
    [!]  Websitee is completely empty, — DROP!
  • SeaMonkey – MozillaWiki – Documentation wiki for the SeaMonkey Project development.


hand-792920_640Contents of this page I will forward to DMOZ so that an “Edit All” can do the necessary modifications.

We need your help!

It would be great if some more volunteers from the SeaMonkey project or community  would check some more contents and do some feedback to DMOZ using the “attention-signs” on DMOZ pages. Please leave a short comment here concerning any DMOZ feedback so that we can keep overview.


Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

6 thoughts on “SeaMonkey-Project on DMOZ

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  2. Request to drop Jacob’s Mozilla Tips – RSS – Latest information and updates to the site via RSS. [RSS] from here! Reason: Outdated, latest feed news from 2004



  3. Everything done on this list. Not sure when it will show up as changed on the other side.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great, I already see your changes.
      Next week I will do an other bunch of reviews, what proceeding do you recommend?

      • Lists with suggestions like this here? There might be additional suggestions by other SeaMonkey users who read this (alternative sites, have contact to site owners and can initiate site updates or whatever), but mostly nobody will care.
      • Similar list per e-mail to you?
      • Simple use of the “Issue with this listing” icon?


  4. Additionally I asked to drop the “Latest Version” hint here from Blog entry. With the very slow edit proceeding at DMOZ that hint is useless.


  5. Entries


    here are rather useless. I asked to delete these rather casual and very old history snapshots


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