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New Style at AMO


Testversion des neuen Styles

So an older version of the style looked during my tests.

This blog post in German languageAs  announced we now have a new Style on AMO. The contrast in the upper blue area now is some better than during my test, and the footer does no longer have blue background with very bad contrast. Real progress or only new to have something new   😉

—  what is your opinion?

Unfortunately there is a bad regress for SeaMonkey users. If you have installed   AMO-Browsing-for-SeaMonkey so that you can convert and install Firefox– or Thunderbird-add-ons  with few mouse clicks, you will see some strange gaps in the text added by that add-on. Visibility of the hyperlinks is even worse than during my tests.


Where are the hyperlinks?

I submitted an Enhancement Request Bug 1263375 AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey: Hyperlink to Converter needs more eye-catching color with new AMO Style. It would be great if you could have a look, confirm if reproducible and add some own thoughts. Or may be even one of you is able to add the enhancement to the add-on?

Does someone know from where the old Style can be downloaded so that it can be used together with the add-on Stylish to restore the old look and feel?

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Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

10 thoughts on “New Style at AMO

  1. Texts with hyperlink instead of add-on-icons, Title damaged

    Texts with hyperlink instead of add-on-icons, Title damaged

    On mozilla.general (New Style AMO – Yuk) user David E. Ross posted concerning a different problem with the style what is visible with Preference ˋMenu Edit → Preferences → Privacy and Security → Images – “Only load images that come from the originating server”ˊ

    Page is completely destroyed, but I wonder whether that was better with ole style?!? Probably, it seems that that has been his default setting …

    I did not find such a preference in Firefox, but I am not very familiar with FF.


  2. Here are some alternative AMO styles what cam be used together with the add-on Stylish, but I do not see the old default AMO style (I did not examine all suggestions). I will ask tomorrow.


  3. Honestly, I find this design extremely gaudy and very much ugly in comparison to the old theme.

    The old theme was slightly dated looking (usually not a bad thing in my opinion), but highly functional. It seems as if this is another move Mozilla is making for “change in the name of change,” which is a highly dangerous mindset.

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  4. followup: I can also no longer figure out how to “Favorite” an add-on on amo. It was usually somewhere under the average user review rating, but seems to have disappeared w/ the new css.

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  5. Worst of all: even existing menu items can’t be found. Please compare:

    Palemoon Homepage AMO
    Go to homepage → <control+f> (find) → type “language” into find string input pane
    » 1Hit (unfortunately not shown)
    Go to arbitrary add-on → <control+f> (find) → type “featured” into find string input pane (we know that that does exist from screenshots above
    » 0Hits (that is not useful)

    This is the same in IE11, FF48, MS2.40. that is not user friendly, menus need rework


  6. I asked the creator of the new design (by e-mail) to contribute the old style (for add-on “Stylish”) for comparison and to join the discussion, so that a further development of the new design and elimination of possible “teething troubles” will be possible.


  7. AMO-Browsing-for-SeaMonkey 0.9.10


    Hyperlinks now are white and well visible

    fixes the problem with invisible Hyperlinks, as my screenshot shows. Thanks to lemon_juice and Isaac Schemm!

    Download latest Version of this add-on here!



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