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5 thoughts on “I will stop listening music on YouTube, soon

  1. Have you tried using the useragent string to stop it from the update browser message? I’m still using the 2.49.4 version and get no messages about updating mine. Hesitating to up to the newer ones until they’ve been a bit more field-tested.. especially if it permanently upgrades your profile.
    ..just checked my config.. I’m using a useragent string for but, nothing entered for YouTube.

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    • Hi, currently there is no real problem, every function I want to use does work. But I dislike the arrogance that they only support only a little number of Browsers (including “their own” one, of course.

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    • @Myrddin R Emrys:
      Yes, but that did not work. Message only appeared from time to time.


  2. I agree with you on that. I’ve sent a number of messages over the years to various sites that it’s not that my browser is not capable.. it’s that their coders haven’t written their site to know better. And, then I go stick in a useragent code to stop those daft messages where possible. I don’t care much for chrome ..especially since it keeps running even when you’ve exited and it should have terminated. *sigh

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  3. I’m seeing a similar message, but I’m not too concerned. Some YouTube features (like the chat feature I have no interest in) have never worked in SeaMonkey (or at least YouTube tells me they don’t), but I love how I just get banner ads superimposed on videos rather than commercials.

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