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Official 2.49.5 (-Candidates?)


In the ftp download area we now have official SeaMonkey 2.49.5 – Versions, currently for  linux-i686/, linux-x86_64/, mac/ and in folder unsigned/ for WINDOWS. In  source/ I only see a checksums file.

That’s all I know, (not much) more information in the Project-Blog.

Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

2 thoughts on “Official 2.49.5 (-Candidates?)

  1. Hello,
    We are 2 administrators of the site and 2 fans of this remarkable software that is SeaMonkey.
    Thank you very much for keeping us informed of SeaMonkey’s evolution by providing the link to the Releases candidates. But the 2.49.5RC that we got seem to be portable versions. Can you confirm ? We look forward to the final version of 2.49.5.

    In addition, for the French-speaking world, only one support forum is available : Geckozone . (well, maybe ours too, since we post the small tips and tricks that we can find, but we are mostly simple users) :
    Unfortunately, many of the technical questions we ask remain unanswered on this French forum. It is all the more disappointing as SeaMonkey is a fantastic software that should be much more widespread provided that technical questions from French-speaking Internet users were to be answered on a more regular basis.
    On technifree :
    Will you be able to help us ? We could ask our questions in 2 languages and translate your answers.
    Katryne and CVL.

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