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Classic Add-ons Archive


One possible solution for the “Many old type Firefox addons lost!” — problem (all FF-CLASSIC-addons dropped from AMO without having moved them to new repository) might be the:

Classic Add-ons Archive

After some trouble I managed to install it to SeaMonkey, but I doubt that it works. I observed 10 minutes of database provisioning …  without visible progress. I hope it will be possible to fix that.

I will keep you up to date here.

Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist,

2 thoughts on “Classic Add-ons Archive

  1. With some more careful reading I would have saved much work and time.

    After having installed the correct ca-archive-1.2.2.xpi from the13 releases – section add-on now seems to work fine.

    I will report experience with hosted add-ons soon, here in the blog.


  2. Success!

    I managed to Install a working ReminderFox to a new User Profile from the Classic Add-Ons Archive. That one also is available from ATN — I wanted a quick result with an add-on I know.


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