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SeaMonkey Project – calling for volunteers


Blogpost in englischer SpracheThe SeaMonkey project is entirely driven by volunteers, and we will need some  more of them, as FRG (Frank-Rainer Grahl)  told on mozillazine.

With some HTML and XHTML knowledge (and some endurance, of course)  for example you can do substantial contribution to SeaMonkey Help. Also required: Translation to other languages than English for Help-chapters, Add-Ons, Wiki-pages

Don’t be shy, leave a comment how we can reach you and where you see your skills for contribution.

Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

3 thoughts on “SeaMonkey Project – calling for volunteers

  1. More discussion here.


  2. SeaMonkey Project – calling for volunteers

    I do not have the volunteer skills you need but appreciate very much the the Seamonkey integrated email search engine your group has produced. I have used it for year and took it for granted until this past week.

    Now I can not remove duckduckgo that blocks all searches with the message “This Connection is Untrusted …”

    I understand SeaMonkey introduced duckduckgo as an optional search engine.

    I still access recent and saved emails and bookmarks.

    I can not respond to current emails because I am blocked by the message “This Connection is Untrusted …”

    I have tried many suggested methods to remove duckduckgo – unsuccessfully.

    This problem arose last week when I downloaded different antivirus programs to avoid the “Kaspersky security problem.”.

    Please forward this comment to the appropriate person within the Seamonkey organization.

    Robert Pressey (Does not work via SeaMonkey now)


    • Hi Robert, this is not a help desk, generally: you should ask at Newsgroup (on or the related mailing list or at mozillazine SeaMonkey Support Forum.

      Generally information concerning your SeaMonkey version, Operating System and so on are useful.

      Concerning your Questions: Simply select a different Search Engine in the heading of the Seach Pane in the Sidebar. That selection will be respected for every search from anywhere in SM.


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