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Sidebar-Panel: Search Amazon.Com ♰

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That is what I see

On Ed Mullenʼs Home Page you find (besides much other interesting stuff) a list of   Sidebar-Panels which are suitable for SeaMonkey. I will write some reports on experience within the next weeks, alternating between German and English Unofficial SeaMonky Blog.

Here my results for

Search Amazon.Com

Thatʼs simple, the sidebar contents is no longer usable. I see Error 404 Not Found. The sidebar contents should be the contents of, what should Search Amazon.Com(?). But only an error message will be shown. Switching off uBlock does not heal the problem, it seems that does no longer support that search .

Contents from the web is no longer available, the Sidebar Panel has become useless.

Please feel invited to do your own tests with sidebar panels form Edʼs page or other sources and to publish your results here (or where you want).


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