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Progress with SeaMonkey Release 2.46

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upsetrobotThis blog post in German languageIn the Project-Blog Edmund Wong wrote a status report concerning progress for a new SeaMonkey Release. Short résumé: unfortunately Heracles and Sisyphos dodged, so he has to do the job. Although there still are some (known and probably still unknown, for example Bug 1305915 compile bustage for 2.46) problems he estimates that we will get a new SeaMonkey Release 2.46 in near future.

For impatient users some SeaMonkey 2.46 test builds (unfortunately not for MAC, nobody here who can help with his private builds?) :

[DIR] latest-comm-release-linux32/ 2016-09-23 15:24
[DIR] latest-comm-release-linux64/ 2016-09-23 15:24
[DIR] latest-comm-release-windows32/ 2016-09-23 15:24
[DIR] latest-comm-release-windows64/ 2016-09-23 15:24

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One thought on “Progress with SeaMonkey Release 2.46

  1. Thanks for all your continued efforts. I tried the 2.49 Beta and had crashes on the Windows version. I went back to the 2.40 verison and will try the 2.46 version. Do the financial contributions off the SeaMonkey page get used for anything? I occasionally give $10 or so and got a thank you once. Wondering if donating helps as I do not code but love the program and want to see it kept going. I know it is a “labor of love” but can be a pain for the delivers so wondering if contributions help.


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