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Server for AMO Add-Ons Repository down?


This blog post in German languagecompat1Currently no access to AMO add-ons-download? I don’t know the reasons. Maintenance? Problems?


Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

2 thoughts on “Server for AMO Add-Ons Repository down?

  1. irc://moznet/addons
    Rainer_Bielefeld Tew: Thank you for confirmation. I wonder whether Mozilla has some central pinboard for such announcements
    Rainer_Bielefeld For SeaMonkey users I have published <>
    Rainer_Bielefeld we have mozilla.announce, but that’s more or less only FF release announcement
    Rainer_Bielefeld I posted a note on mozilla.addons.user-experience


  2. Posting lots of comments on all available channels always does the trick — AMO is back 🙂


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