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Swedish SeaMonkey: localized Help will be replaced by en-US Help

hand-792920_640This blog post in German languageread that the (apparently very outdated) Swedish SeaMonkey Help will be replaced by the en-US-Help starting with SeaMonkey 2.46. I don’t know how the situation is for the very few other Help localizations, and even the en-US-SeaMonkey-Help isn’t in a good shape. Here fortunately we have some progress, some (even new) developers are helping to do some bug fixes. Unfortunately there seems to be more or less no interest at the localization teams to port the fixes to their localizations.

My current appeal: We need some volunteers who will do translations for a new chapter in Composer Help as fixes for  Bug 1247386 SeaMonkey Help composer_help.xhtml: Chapter “Adding Mathematical Formulas to Your Web Page” missing in Localized Composer Help.

What about you?