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Latest Developer Builds, SeaMonkey 2.47 Builds still at old location



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This blog post in German language (2016-08-02)

Unfortunately on SeaMonkey website (and others) have been outdated for months (we urgently need volunteers who can create “push-ready” patches) 😦

Be careful! Builds from following list are for testing purposes only. Create backups of your data if want to test them. If you encounter any problems, please report bugs for them.

If your Add-Ons do  not work with the latest builds, you should try the AMO Browsing Tool.

SeaMonkey 2.47 Nightly Builds

2.47 Builds still are  available from /latest-comm-central-trunk/, deploy via   …/latest-comm-central/  only happened accidentally (folder is no longer available), as Edmund Wong told on


SeaMonkey 2.46 Aurora Builds

also still are at their old place.

Currently (2016-08-01) outdated: We have more stuff…   including localized builds.

We also have current Builds for SeaMonkey 2.45 (2016-08-01: WIN only!).

Unofficial SeaMonkey Builds

Every 2 … 4 weeks Adrian Kalla contributes unofficial localized builds for Linux and windows. Currently no new stuff.


Author: rrbd

Freelancer, Engineer, Camper, Canoeist

2 thoughts on “Latest Developer Builds, SeaMonkey 2.47 Builds still at old location

  1. And now we have a new WIN buildID=20160730001611 on old repository /pub/seamonkey/nightly/latest-comm-central-trunk/.
    That’s a little worrying, may be the new place only accidentally was target after a few days with problems and no WIN builds?

    And good news: we again have Linux builds at /pub/seamonkey/nightly/latest-comm-central-trunk/



  2. Trunk for Linux as 2.48a1 available since 2016-08-02


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