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SeaMonkey-Project on DMOZ – 2


This blog post in German languageInvited by an email from Philip Chee (SeaMonkey) and Laura Brown (DMOZ) I did some research at Top: Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: SeaMonkey: Ports, results you find below in a copy from that DMOZ page.

(Work In Progress, experts’ input required! Last edit 2016-04-28 20:30:37 ) 

Copy from DMOZ page:

  • BeZilla – Port for the BeOS, state of work 2008, only of historic interest
    [!] I doubt that this contents from 2008 still has any worth.
  • GTK+ – Port to the GTK+ widget set (for *nix). This is now the official *nix version of Mozilla.
    [!] I doubt that this contents from 2008 still has any worth. /waited in vain for devs’ input/
  • mozAmiga – Port to the Amiga Digital Environment (AmigaDE).
    [!] All this stuff is 15 years old, all contents is older than the name SeaMonkey for the former Mozilla Internet Suite. /waited in vain experts’  input/
  • Mozilla for IRIX – Port to the SGI OS IRIX.
    [!] Last major release was IRIX 6.5 in 1998, long before the  SeaMonkey project started. Latest News on that page are from 2003! I doubt that there might be any interest for that contents, at leat it has nothing to do with SeaMonkey. Please drop from SeaMonkey area!
  • Mozillux – A project whose objective is to improve the integration of the products from in the most popular Linux desktops, mainly KDE.
    [!] Twitter, the ont existing home page and the forum seem to show that this project has more or less no relevance. And there is no relation to SeaMonkey. Please drop from SeaMonkey area!
  • QtMozilla – Port using the Qt widget set (for *nix)
    [!] Subject of the listet article oes not exist! Drop!
  • Warpzilla – Port to OS/2 Warp
    [!] The linked page tells that Warpzilla died long ago, and the last SeaMonkey release related to Warpzilla was SM 2.7.2. That’s nothing alive, please drop from SeaMonkey area!

  • General: All in this DMOZ Section is about Mozilla, what is something completely different to SeaMonkey. Mozilla is an organization delivering software in several projects, very most efforts they are doing for Firefox.
    SeaMonkey  is an independent projects with roots in in and still getting some support of of mozilla. But most of the listed projects are  historic things, I think their activity ended even before mozilla discontinued work on the internet Suite,  SeaMonkey seceded from Mozilla and became an independent project. An appropriate place for all this might be something like “Historic Projects, related to the discontinued Mozilla Internet Suite”, but not “… SeaMonkey …”
  • Quality of listed Websites: DMOZ Editor Resources include some guidelines which should grant a minimum quality of the Websites listed on DMOZ. Admission criteria are “completeness”, “currentness” and others. A loveless entry from 2013 like for mozillux is neither complete (… promote Mozilla softwares … ? what the heck are they talking about? “Socorro“? “Firefox”? ..) or a 2 lines article in the Mozilla Wiki are not in accordance with those criteria.




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2 thoughts on “SeaMonkey-Project on DMOZ – 2

  1. I asked “thatgrrl” by mail to use results above for editing DMOZ entries.


  2. Ah, I see — thatgrrl updated this area, so this one here is resolved.


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